IGOW4 Playoffs Round 2 Results! Live Sunday at 8:15pm PST

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IGOW4 Basic Overview

IGOW is basically a game of HORSE (or SKATE) modified to work for a very large group of players via the internet and social media. The game is designed to be fun for all skill levels to participate. IGOW is not a super serious or intense competition, especially at the beginning, it is mostly for fun, and pilots of all skill levels are encouraged to participate! No one should make the mistake of not joining just because they don’t believe they can win. Just participating in IGOW will make anyone a better pilot and give them an excuse to go out and fly at least once a week. Plus, they will have a chance to win a ton of awesome prizes along the way! Many of the past IGOW players have drastically improved their flying skills while at the same time gaining followings and sponsorships largely due to their participation in the IGOW competitions. The champion of IGOW4 will be offered a Tiny Whoop Team Pilot Sponsorship and an IGOW Team Pilot position in addition to the cash prize for 1st place.

More Info on the Rules Page

IGOW4 has over $25,000 Total In Cash and Prizes! 

The IGOW4 Champion will be invited to become a

Tiny Whoop Team Sponsored Pilot!

IGOW Patreon Bonus Tier Prize List

There is another $14,000+ in Giveaways that DO NOT require joining Patreon to win!

There is also $3,500+ in Cash and Prizes for Top Performers!

See the Prizes Tab for More Info!

Good Luck and Happy Whooping!